Welcome to the NL Zuid IXP on DN42.

Peering abilities

Mesh (route server)

The main method of peering on our exchange is mesh. This way you connect your BGP daemon to our route server which will connect you to all of our peers.

Direct peering

We also allow direct peering between peers. This can be useful for closed or case-by-case peering policies. This way you set up a direct BGP connection to another peer through our exchange. For a list of peers check our list of connected parties.

We will try to provide automatically created configurations for widely used BGP daemons. These will be available at our list of connected parties.


OpenVPN client-server

All connections are currently made using a client-server model. The required OpenVPN configuration will be available in the control panel.

General policies


We value performance a lot. For this reason we require a maximum latency of 20 ms between your uplink and our exchange. We would like all of ours peers to at least go below 15 ms. Going over the 20 ms threshold can temporarily disable your connection to the exchange. You can check your latency to the exchanges at any time.

Announcing prefixes

Its up to you to decide what you like to announce on our exchange. We strongly recommend you to only announce your prefixes and those of your transit customers. Announcing a full table can negatively impact the entire DN42 network. Individual peers are encouraged to filter announced prefixes according to their needs.


Connected uplinks: 70

Check latency

Check latencies to our exchanges

Not all exchanges support lookups of DN42 hostnames